5 business benefits to hiring a professional photographer

Chris Vaughan of Chris Vaughan Photography


Many, many years ago in a life before children, Anna and I spent a week in South Wales. Anna wanted to see the most beautiful part of the world ever. Well, I’m sure that’s what she meant when she said: “I want to visit the area you grew up, I’ve never been”.


It was that long ago that the quality on smartphone cameras weren’t at the standard they are today. I might not have even had a smartphone at the time. We both took small pocket sized digital cameras. So before I start feeling even old, let me move on, very swiftly.


One day, we visited Cardiff Castle as tourists. I’d never been before. And, as you do as tourists, we took photos of the visit. We both took a picture looking over towards the Norman Keep past a bunch of daffodils in full bloom. Anna took a quick picture and moved on. I laid on the ground and faffed around framing and composing the image.


Anna was surprised at the difference in our images – because we’d both been using similar cameras. The point is; it’s not always about the camera you use, it’s the knowledge, experience and skills of the person using the camera that really counts.


So what are the tangible benefits to your business of hiring a professional photographer as part of your companies overall marketing strategy?


  1. Visual marketing is the most cost efficient medium for a business to gain visibility. There is a big, and long-term return on investment with photography. A professional photographer will provide you with images that can be used long-term. Think about a national billboard advert. The image on that hasn’t had to be commissioned in every city.
  2. If you could buy a brand new coat and wear it with every single outfit you own and to every occasion you would say that it was amazing value. Well photography can be used across all of your marketing material, from traditional print to online and social media and also as part of your PR content.
  3. Great photography can be a major win for your press releases and increase the chances of the piece being picked up by the media. If you are able to supply a range of images too, this could also lead to greater column inches, which in turn results in more chance of your business being noticed by your target market.
  4. Professional images give your business a professional appearance.
  5. Every image tells a story about your business. Memorable and informative images help move your clients closer to making a buying decision.


As well as the reasons above, I understand how vital it is to get your company brand across in images. Personally, I love photography, I love what I do for a career but my aim is always to use my photographic skills to help my clients achieve their business goals, whether it is to gain more publicity or traction for their marketing material or hit sales targets by breaking down the barrier between my client and their target market.


You can talk to Chris about his experience and book him for your business photography through his website www.chrisvaughanphotography.co.uk


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