Accountants’ Pet Peeves

Most accountants didn’t grow up dreaming of being accountants, but they do tend to be good with data and organising stuff – well, data anyway.


Like the majority of people, certain things about being an Accountant rile us, so we decided to pop a few of them down – just in time for the start of the new tax year. And yes, there are some hints along the way.


  • The computer crashing

This can be a major headache -especially after working on some fairly complicated data and forgetting to press that ever important, ‘Save’ button!



  • When the balance sheet doesn’t balance

This has to be a top peeve for most accountants and can be immensely stressful. Usually, a coffee and going back to the beginning does the job.



  • When non-accountants are unable or unwilling to grasp what we do

Basically, it can be tough explaining to folk outside of accounting why things need to be done the way they are. An accountant has a different background and has spent many years learning their trade, which makes them the expert. Communicating the hows, whys and must haves of accounting can sometimes be hard to understand but shouldn’t require exasperation or anger at your accountant.


  • When clients assume we have time to sort through and organise their paperwork Accounting is all about getting work completed before deadlines that are simply not negotiable. Plus, we are working with multiple clients who are all looking to get their taxes submitted in order and on time. So being handed a box full of scribbled notes and receipts puts us under enormous pressure. Getting organised does require time, effort and patience but think of it this way – it will save you money on fees as we won’t have to spend as long on your accounts!



Whilst on the subject of personal…


  • Being asked for ‘Free Advice’ outside of office hours!

Erm, just no to this one. It’s in the same category as asking a Dr who’s off-duty to take a quick look at your suspicious rash.


  • Being called a ‘bean counter’

This is, to put it bluntly, rude and is a negative term used towards an accountant. The phrase is often used disparagingly when describing someone who might be excessively concerned with spreadsheets and data.  (Apart from when I did a talk to my networking group about managing finances and illustrated it with Jelly Beans…)


And then there’s this…


  • Business professionals who don’t appreciate what accountants do

This can be frustrating because it stems from people who don’t prioritise accounting in their business. It is viewed as an overhead drain on business resources, so they minimise all efforts regarding their accounting. This often boils down to one common theme – they regard hiring an accountant as taking cash away from the profits in the business.


  • Reconciling data prepared by someone else

This can be a nightmare in so many ways and often occurs if a colleague requires leave due to an unforeseen event. Taking control of someone else’s files can be a minefield owing to a couple of factors – understanding where they got their data and the fact that the file is now the responsibility of the person now working on it.


  • The assumption that the VAT laws don’t apply to them

Ask any accountant and they will have been asked to ‘turn a blind eye’ to distort the true picture of a client’s income.



  • When clients don’t pay their bills

No-one, with maybe the exception of shoplifters, would not pay for shopping and yet some folk do think it acceptable to ignore or bury their heads in the sand when it comes to settling their accountants invoice. This one is another resounding NO.



Many business owners struggle when it comes to balancing the books and that’s why using an accountant is an important part of any company. Whether you have an in-house team or choose to outsource your accounts you can relax knowing that they really are working to keep your assets safe.


And yes, we do hope that this information has been both useful and informative.


For help with your tax returns and self-assessments not that April is upon us, please contact or call 07378 312288  for advice and support.  And try not to leave it until 29th January 2023…

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