Benefits Of Using Dext

If you are a business, small or large, based in the UK. There are plenty of tools and resources that you can utilise to help save you and your business time. And one such tool that we’re going to be looking at today is called Dext.

Dext helps you save time by gathering and recording your receipts all in one place. It allows you as a business owner to electronically capture all the information from your receipts which can help when it comes to filing your tax return. Rather than having to go through a big pile of paper receipts which can be tedious and time-consuming.

Removing the hassle of manual entry into an accounting system not only saves you time but also helps you organise all of your receipts and can give you an overview of your expenses in chronological order. It also ensures that because you have a digital footprint of all of your receipts that they can’t be lost and are securely stored on the cloud servers that run Dext.

The three main reasons why you should consider utilising Dext include:-

  • Keeping you up to date with all of your expenses in real-time
  • Saving you time that can be spent elsewhere
  • Saving on paper and reducing your carbon footprint as a business

It’s also easy to access Dext, being able to access it through any browser means that you can access it from your office computer or from your smartphone whilst you’re on the move.

As accountants ourselves and Profit First professionals, here at D&K Accounting we would advise every business to use Dext. Not only because it can save them time but it also helps your business to transform to become more digital. Allowing you to rest assured that all of your information is secure and safe.

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