Expenses And Relief For Employees Working From Home

Working from home has become more popular than ever during this pandemic. With record numbers of people now working from home. Those who have worked from home pre-pandemic will probably be aware of the expenses and relief they can claim. But the vast majority of people working from home now had this arrangement sprung on them out of nowhere. And so they probably won’t be aware that there are likely to be expenses they can claim for and also outgoings that they could be relieved from.


If you’re one of the people that has suddenly started to have to work from home, don’t worry. Today we’re going to run through all of the expenses and relief you need to know about if you’re working from home. The first thing you need to know is that you can claim up to £6 a week if you’re working from home. This is to cover additional costs such as electricity. There are 2 ways to do this. Firstly your employers can pay you an extra £6 a week which will be tax-free. Alternatively, you can claim it back through tax. This is usually only needed if your employer won’t pay you the extra £6 a week. If you think you have costs you can claim for its quick and easy to do so by filling in this online form.


It’s also important to note that even if you’re having to work from home part-time with some workplaces now allowing staff to work in the office part-time you can still claim the full £6 a week. When filling in the online form you’ll also need both your Employers name and PAYE reference for HMRC to look into this for you.


In the online form, there are two boxes:

  • ‘Amount paid by you’. This is where you would enter the £6/week


  • ‘Amount paid to you by your employer’. If your employer hasn’t been paying you the £6 extra a week then just type £0 in this box.

If you’re continuing to work from home you will want to complete this claim as soon as possible as HMRC is dealing with a backlog so you’ll want to get your claim in early. If you want to know more about the expenses that you can save on if you’re working from home don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team here at D&K Accounting and we can advise you further.

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