It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”  This is the famous opening line of Pride and Prejudice – these days it would further gone on to say that the single man would take to social media using the hashtag #wife.  Or it would have before the CEO of Instagram famously announced recently that hashtags do not help Instagram posts get more views.  (https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/hashtag-instagram-posts-views-adam-mosseri-b2038794.html).  Check out this article from Mention that goes into more depth about hashtags.  https://mention.com/en/blog/instagram-hashtags-engagement/


The most interesting thing for me in the Mention report is The Bombshell graph that shows that using more hashtags doesn’t mean more engagement.  So let’s delve into that.  What we’re talking about here is using the right hashtags.  Putting 30 hashtags on your posts looks a bit desperate and spammy, whereas one or two hashtags that you have researched and will definitely appeal to your audience is a much better plan.


I experimented recently with hashtags.  I have a few ‘hashtag banks’ that I can add to different posts through my scheduling platform Social Bee.  What I found was that I got some good engagement and encouraging comments on Instagram using the ‘small business hashtag bank’ – this was the set of hashtags that I had put together aimed at attracting the small businesses that I suspect would be interested in using my services, but not much engagement with the marketing hashtags – this is the bank of hashtags that I put together that represents what I feel is my service offering.


On Twitter I was getting retweets and likes using the ‘marketing hashtag bank’, so I kept on eye on this – it didn’t take long for me to realise that in fact the likes and retweets that I was getting were from other marketing companies, and that my Twitter feed was now full of similar posts to mine.  Yes, Twitter’s algorithm had totally misunderstood my intent (not unsurprising) and decided that my area of interest was marketing and was now showing me lots of marketing related posts.  Now yes, some of those are interesting to me, but if I’m getting shown those posts and they are getting shown my posts then in reality we are just going around and around in a marketing echo chamber and our message isn’t actually getting out to where we want it to be.


So, back to the hashtag banks – I think it’s time to take the marketing hashtags off the posts and go for more of the small business type hashtags and see where that takes me.  Because, as interested as I am in marketing services and what other similar companies are up to I actually want my posts to be read by people who need my services much more than people who offer the same services.  So it seems the trick to the hashtags, much as the trick with any kind of marketing, is going for a few and making sure they are well targeted, which means knowing your ideal client very well, and if you pop over to my home page you can download my ‘Finding your ideal client’ workbook and take a look at this if you haven’t already created a client avatar.


With that in mind I will just mention that my newest service offering in the ‘Flaming Good…’ family is Content Creation, something I’ve shied away from until now for a variety of reasons.  So if you’d like 15 posts written, with graphics and a set of hashtags for only £49 you can sign up on my website.  I’ll need a few things from you like logo, colour branding information and target audience but then I can put them together and either schedule them for you or send them to you to post on your social media platforms.  Easy as that.  Want another 15 next month – then we can do it again.


These posts will be of the ‘evergreen’ variety which means you can repeat them on your platforms as often as you like, if you use a scheduling platform like I do then you can ask the platform to repeat them for you.


If you’d like to know more about Social Bee, you can pop over here using my affiliate link and have a look around https://socialbee.grsm.io/0zv6icaxh1p5 and see if you fancy signing up.


You can follow our guest blogger Amanda Roulstone over on Facebook at Dragon Virtual Assistants and Dragon Marketing Academy.  For more information about marketing support head to www.dragonvirtualassistants.co.uk

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