How Digital Signatures Can Help Sales Efficiency Within Your Business

The world of business is moving faster than it ever has before no matter what industry you’re in. Business owners and senior management are constantly looking for ways to streamline their workflows and processes. And one area of a business which can be hard to streamline is that of sales. As when you’re going to try to capture a sale you don’t want the prospect to have the perception that you’re trying to rush things and not giving them time to answer questions. However, there are areas outside of dealing with the potential customer that can be sped up thanks to technology and can help boost your overall sales efficiency. A certain piece of technology that we’re going to be taking a look at today which can play a pivotal role in speeding up the sales process are digital signatures.


So how can they help with sales efficiency? Typically with most sales, an agreement has to be signed both by yourself as the business and the customer. This ties them into a legally binding agreement that secures the sale and protects both parties. Traditionally these documents would have had to have been sent by hand. There were a few problems however with this. The first was the time. It wasted time having to wait for the document to reach the customer and then return to you. This increased waiting time would sometimes lead to increased frustration from both sides who just wanted the deal done. Secondly, there was no possible way of knowing and being assured that it was signed by the person it was intended for. Anyone could have signed in and sent it back and so something needed to happen to both speed up the signature process and make it more secure.

Luckily thanks to progress in technology we have seen the introduction of digital signatures. As the name suggests this innovation now allowed the customer to sign the documents digitally. This addressed the first problem straight away by cutting a waiting time of days down into a matter of minutes or a couple of hours. Secondly, digital signature technology encrypts the file whilst its in transit. This gives you the full assurance that you know it has only reached its desired recipient and nobody else. If a cybercriminal were to try to intercept the document in transit the information he would see would be incomprehensible.


Integrating digital signatures within your business can massively improve your sales efficiency. Your sales advisors once they’ve sealed a sale can instantly send over the documents and whilst the customer is on the phone they can sign the documents and send them back to your sales rep. This improves the customer experience as the sale is completed there and then rather than them having to wait days for some paperwork to arrive in the post. It means that your sales reps can wrap up the sale quicker, meaning they can move onto the next customer eventually leading to a higher turnover of sales. This technology also massively reduces the chance of user error and also ensures that all of these documents are stored safely so they can be accessed or provided to the customer straight away.


Now you’ve read about how digital signatures can improve the sales efficiency within your business if you’re interested in having a chat about implementing it, why not get in touch with a member of our team here at Signiflow. Our digital signature technology utilises bank-standard security to ensure that not only do you have a more efficient sales process but also a more secure sales process.

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