We get asked this a lot, how much do you charge? Can you give me a ballpark price for…… etc etc etc.


Surely the correct question should be how much value we can bring to you? If you do not see the value in what your accountant is doing isn’t that more of an issue?


Having spent the best part of 3 years researching different pricing methodologies menu pricing, the power of 9, as a practice we decide on gap selling to calculate our pricing proposals.


But what is gap selling?


As part of our onboarding process, we will request a face to face meeting/telephone conversation. Why do we do this? Well a couple of reasons the first being to establish if we are able to have a good working relationship, do you like me, and do I like you? If the answer is yes, then you are going to be more likely to talk to us if you have a problem that needs solving.


The second reason is that we need to understand the gap! The gap is the space between where your financial function is, where you are in life and ultimately where you want to be. This is so we can provide you with a bespoke solution to get you there!


You might think that we would use this as an opportunity to tell you something you don’t need. If you’re thinking this then we probably haven’t built up enough trust yet. Will only give you what we think you need. Do you go to the doctors and tell them what you need to make you feel better? Nor do you decide to hire an electrician and do the work yourself?


Yes, there is likely to be someone that will do it cheaper, I am sure there are people that can do what you do for less, doesn’t mean it is better! And no, there is nothing we can do about the price, but I don’t blame you for thinking about asking. The fact is, if I could offer you our services cheaper, I would have done so in the first instance. We are not in the habit of lying to our clients before we have even started.


So, in closing, if you want to know how much this accountant charges why not join me for a coffee, and we can see where the conversation takes us.  Call us on 01302 613515 to book your no-obligation chat.

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