How to manage COVID-19 statutory related sick pay

Keeping track of your workforce and their sick pay can be quite a handful as a business owner at the best of times. However, COVID-19 has thrown another spanner into the mix and it’s understandable to be confused at the very least about how to manage COVID-19 statutory related sick pay within your business. However thankfully what we are going to do today is clear up everything so that you are better positioned and prepared to manage sickness within your workplace.

Now let’s start off with the scenario that one of your employees has had to isolate due to either testing positive or being in contact with someone who has been. Normally there would be a 3-day waiting period before they are entitled to start receiving SSP or Statutory Sick Pay. However, the official guidance from HMRC is that this has now been disregarded and for the time being your employee will be entitled to SSP from the first day of sickness. As a business, you can reclaim COVID-19 statutory related sick pay by visiting the government’s website here.

If you have employees on furlough the same still applies to them. Despite them not actually working or being in the office laws state that they retain all of their statutory rights as an employee. However, if one of your employees is sick whilst on furlough, you as an employer have to decide whether to keep them on furlough and their furloughed rate or to switch them to SSP. With the only difference being that you would need to cover their National Insurance contributions while the government still pay their salary.

There is also a statutory sick pay enhancement scheme that covers social care workers. If you’re an employer in this sector it allows you to pay them full pay if they are unable to work due to COVID-19. Eligibility for this enhancement scheme all depends on the employee’s role, type of employment and reason for absence. To find out more about this enhanced government scheme click here. Otherwise, if you are based in any other industry the other points we have covered today still apply.

If you want to know more about how COVID-19 statutory related sick pay affects your business and your employees why not have a chat with a member of the team here at D&K Accounting. We understand that amongst everything that is going on this can all be a bit confusing so we are happy to clear everything up for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

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