Manifesting by any other name: setting goals in your business

When you write a business plan, one of the key sections is the one where you set your Goals or your Objectives.


It is crucial for you to understand where you want your business to go, if you are going to be able to write a plan that helps you to get it there.


You have no doubt heard the acronym SMART in relation to the setting of your objectives.  [Reminder] It is important to make your objectives:








This way you know exactly what you are aiming for; and you will know precisely if you have achieved it.


By making your objectives SMART you are more likely to make them happen; and therefore, reach your goal.


The SMART method of objective setting has been around since George T Doran first came up with it in 1981 and many businesses and organisations still find it a useful reminder when setting their objectives.


By using SMART, this enables goals and objectives to be broken down further and gives you numbers that can be used as measurement tools or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a monthly or even weekly basis, to ensure that you are on track.


This is all very clinical and analytical.  By its very nature it is numbers-based and almost scientific in nature.


What if there was another way to reach your business goals?  Instead of setting SMART objectives, what if you manifested instead?


What is Manifestation?


“Manifesting is the ability to create the exact life that you want.  It is the ability to draw in anything that you desire and become the author of your own story it looks and feels like magic and we are all the magicians”. Roxie Nafousi


It is the belief that we have a profound influence over the reality that we can create – so long as we truly believe we deserve the future we are manifesting.


Roxie Nafousi in her recent book on Manifesting talks about being clear in your vision.  About how important it is to know what you want, in great detail, so that you can visualise it.


The parallels with objective-setting are very clear.


The differences lie with the wording such as “magicians” and Roxie suggests you ask questions such as “What do you want the universe to provide you with?”.  It seems, well, a little less concrete.  More “nebulous”. That is not to say however,  that it isn’t valuable.


So, whilst there are parallels there are also differences, but what can manifesting teach us? What can it add to our objective-setting toolkit to help us to meet our business goals?




Achievable.  The ‘A’ from the SMART acronym.  But what is ‘achievable’?  In the world of manifesting there is no limit.  If fear and doubt were no object – what would your goals be?  Nafousi says in her book – “dream big and don’t hold back”.


Are your objectives stretching you enough? Remove fear and doubt. If not you, then who?


Dream it. Believe it. (aka manifest it). Can you put this in your business plan and then take the steps needed to achieve it?


Feel it. Act now


One of the other big elements of manifestation that we can add to our business toolkit is using our imagination.  Businesses are often run on numbers (and this is crucial – keep using your numbers!).  However, with an open-mind, there is room for manifesting too, perhaps.


Link objective-setting with manifesting for the win


We know objective setting is crucial for your business. You can’t plan without knowing where you want to be. If you don’t know where you want to be, how can you get there?


Manifesting believes the same.  You must envision where you want to be, in order to make it happen.


So, let’s link the two to the advantage of our business.


Set your measurable objective. Go big. Believe it. Then imagine exactly how you will feel once you have achieved your objective.


More than just feeling it though, you should align your behaviour too.  Take the steps you need to take as if you can’t fail.  Be proactive. Every day. Act as if you have already succeeded.  Feel as if you have already succeeded.  Be the person you will be, once you have succeeded.


And always put your Profit First.


If you need any help, please get in touch. Let’s make it happen.


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Reference: Manifest by Roxie Nafousi

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