Move your business forward in 2022

What are your plans for growing your business in 2022? After the instability and turmoil of the past two years, it’s more important than ever to ensure you can roll with whatever punches the near future has in store for us, and that means remaining relevant and competitive in a fast-paced world. Read on to find out what you need to succeed as a business this year and beyond.


Build confidence in your business with branding

Your branding is more than just a logo – it encapsulates everything about your business from its mission, vision and values, target audience, and products or services. A strong brand communicates all of the above without you having to say a word. A good brand says; ‘here I am, this is what I do!’ and does not require an explanation.

Good branding does the following:

  • Declares intentions and defines goals. Branding forces you to focus and decide what exactly your business does – being vague or trying to do too much will not help anyone. Specialise, narrow down to your core offering and show it to the world with your brand.
  • Establishes trust and shows that yours is a credible business, one that has thought of everything and hasn’t left anything to chance. Good branding doesn’t happen by accident, and neither does business success.
  • Gives you a level of control on how your business is perceived. You can’t completely control how people see your business, but with clever branding, PR and marketing you can create strong positive associations in the minds of your audience.
  • Gives your business a human side and elicits an emotional response and connection. People want the brands they use to say something about them, and to align with their own personal values and interests. Find what kind of people your target audience are and how you can connect with them.
  • Makes you easily recognisable and helps you stick in people’s minds, even if they don’t become a customer right away. Do you know why the Simpsons are yellow? Creator Matt Groening said he wanted people to know right away while channel surfing that The Simpsons is on, because its unique colour scheme is immediately recognisable.
  • Helps your employees feel like part of something that is more than just a job, and creates a sense of unity. This will expand to your customers too, making them feel like part of a community.


Embrace digital marketing


Another indispensable tool for businesses in 2022 is marketing – this should go hand-in-hand with your branding to create an indelible impression that your audience won’t easily forget. Digital marketing is really where it’s at – every business worth giving any attention to has an online presence that is carefully curated, from a customised and fully optimised website to a well maintained social media presence, as well as advertising and email campaigns. Those seeds you plant with an initial outreach or contact with your audience must be nurtured, so that they can grow and blossom into loyal customers, and even fervent fans and brand ambassadors.


Good digital marketing campaigns are:


  • Targeted

Using the data that you and other platforms collect about your audience, you can tailor campaigns to them to maximise engagement and conversions, e.g. with social media advertising. A scattershot approach that is not targeted at all is lazy, even if you think your product is for ‘everyone’.

  • Trackable

A great thing about digital marketing is that it is trackable – using various analytic tools you can see where website visits are coming from, identify any points where the customer journey veers off track, and determine the success of a campaign. You can then leverage this information to your advantage.

  • Holistic

Don’t just rely on one kind of marketing to bring in leads – you might have some really good website content but if it doesn’t get shared, results will be minimal. Customers will likely have multiple touch points on their journey to you before making a purchase, so make sure all of these touch points are optimised for maximum conversions.


Go for a unique and customised website


Just about anyone can make their own website, with website building platforms and accessible hosting packages available to anyone without any experience or coding knowledge required. This kind of site is fine for the layperson or hobbyist but to have a serious big-boy business, you need a serious, big-boy website made by people who can build it from the ground up and customise every part to your needs.


Here are some important advantages to having a custom built website:

  • Originality

Imagine you have a shop, but it’s the exact same as every other shop on the street – sure, you can change the sign, offer different products and give it a new coat of paint, but everything else is the same. Even the shelves are all at the same height. Once you have seen a few websites generated with the same templates that everyone uses, this is how it looks. Even popular templates and themes can be very restrictive and won’t allow for even small changes to be made. Custom websites don’t have these kinds of limitations and allow for more creativity and true originality.

  • Scalability

Don’t be bound by the constraints of a website building platform. It might be okay to begin with but as your business grows and develops, your website needs to scale up with it. More functionality is required, and hosting may need to be upgraded to keep up with increased demand. Custom websites offer greater control and flexibility.

  • Speed

Don’t risk a bad customer experience or negatively affect your SEO by having slow loading times on your website. Custom built sites don’t include bloatware or unnecessary functions you aren’t going to use, and can be adapted to suit your needs to ensure loading times are as fast as possible.

  • Security

Using a website building platform can leave your site vulnerable to security issues. If there is a weakness on other websites made using the same platform, your website will have it too. The owners of the platform may not be as quick at fixing these vulnerabilities as you would like them to be. A customer website’s developer will be able to install updates and patches as needed and will not leave your site open to security threats.


If you want some advice or assistance in branding, website design and making sure your business stays relevant in 2022, we can help – book a free consultation with us at


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