Now is the time to promote your business

With many businesses being reigned back from operating fully, it can seem like the business world has come to a halt. However, this is the total opposite of the actual reality. With more people working from home and staying indoors, they are now spending more time online than ever before. This means that there is no better time than the present to promote your business. You’re going to be able to maximise your digital presence and increase traffic through your website. Another reason why now is the perfect time to get promoted is money. If you’re working from home, or the recipient of a bounce-back loan or grant, you now have funds to help you advertise your business.

Spend the extra money wisely

Combining the increased exposure and funds to be able to spend on your promotion campaign means now is a perfect time. That’s why now isn’t the time for you to take some time out of your regular business schedule and not take advantage of this opportunity. Even if you haven’t received a bounce-back loan or a self-employed grant, don’t worry. You can find funds that can be spent on your promotion by looking at areas of your business that did account for expenses but no longer don’t. One instance might be that you used to have to travel and commute to get to meetings with clients, however, with this being done remotely at the moment, you can save money both on travel and petrol.

Working from home can also save you and your business money. Office rental prices are very high. It might be an idea to consider creating a home office. This will not only save you money on rent. But also allows you to claim certain expenses associated with your home office.

Stuck on finding where you can make savings

Today we have run through just some of the ways in which you can allocate funds to promote your business. However, if you find yourself at a loss with where it is best to find these funds, let us know. We can run through the options available to you. Including the bounce back loan provided by the government, and the self employed grant, if applicable. If for any reason neither of these apply to you, don’t worry. As mentioned you can find areas of your business where you can start making savings to spend to promote your business. We are more than happy here at D&K Accounting to look at where these savings can be made and how best you can spend these funds on promoting your business.

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