Process of changing accountant! Part 1

‘Something doesn’t feel right,’ ‘we are not getting the service we expected,’ ‘I can never get hold of them,’ ‘we are just a number not a person,’ or ‘we don’t have a relationship and I have no idea what is going on.’


Does any of the above sound familiar? These are the most frequent reasons that people get in touch with us (I’ll touch on the obvious missing one later on) when they are looking to enquire about moving accountants. It all equates to one thing something in the relationship between you and your accountant is missing.


The chances are that your existing accountant is a thoroughly good person but somehow you have become out of step with each other, and you are thinking about making a change. What does that process start to look like if you want to speak to us? As with most things in our practice it is a simple three step process, and it starts with a drink.


Let’s organise a chat – we are a big fan of online booking systems it stops all of the endless back and forth trying to connect diaries so use this link……….. and book yourself in at a time to suit you. We will give you a quick call to confirm your appointment and to go through with you what to expect from the meeting including anything you need to prepare, don’t worry this will take less than 5 minutes. Most importantly if we are meeting face to face, we will check what your coffee, tea or other soft beverage order is because the drinks are on us. Don’t worry if we are meeting online then your drink will be in the post, and we even include the biscuits.


You will also get a reminder of the meeting 24 hours beforehand.


The meeting itself – you need go get to know us as people and a business as much as we want to get to know you as a person and a business. Your accountant should be your trusted wingman/woman in business, someone you can trust with your numbers and for most that means having the right connection. During the meeting you will notice me taking lots of notes, as it is important for both of us that everything is recorded as accurately as possible, we will talk about your plans for the future, how you want your business to feature in those plans and where you want to be in the short term. We will also discuss any problems you have had in the past and how those can be avoided.

We will then go through the proposal together; we use some amazing software to ensure that our pricing is consistent and fair for all our clients. We can also tweak the proposal by adding or taking away services to fit with your budget and your aspirations.


Now we have mentioned price, ‘my accountant is too expensive’ these are not my favourite words to hear when approached. I can count on one hand the number of clients we have taken on where we have been cheaper than the current accountant. What we promise to ensure is that we deliver value, and you are paying for what you need.


Let’s start – if you are ready, we can get started straight away, you can sign off on the proposal, sign the letter of engagement and set up the direct debit there and then. Back at the office we will run our money laundering checks to ensure you are who you say you are and then prepare to request your records from your existing accountant.


You may need more time than 5 minutes to make your decision, we promise we will not pester you; we will check in with you after 48 hours to see if you have any questions and to ensure everything makes sense, as all the best questions crop up at 2am in the morning.


If you are unsure of what happens in the process of changing accountants there is blog for that and you can find it here………

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