Stop Faffing About and Start Getting Stuff Done

Let’s knock one thing on the head straight away – planning isn’t doing.


It’s really easy to feel like planning is achieving something – but the truth of the matter is that is doesn’t achieve anything.  Not without action, prioritizing and effective goal setting.

One of the reasons we find ourselves going round and round the same old hamster wheel is because we simply don’t know where to start – our ‘to do’ list is so overwhelming that it is simpler to just not bother – or spend even more time planning what you think you are going to do instead of actually doing it.

Stop it.

Step 1 of becoming more productive is to empty your head of all the ‘stuff’ you need to do.  Nip over here and grab my FREE tip sheet that will help you sort this out.

Get all the stuff that is rolling around in your head out of your brain and onto paper, a spreadsheet, a Trello board – whatever – just get it all out there.  All of it.  Even the domestic stuff like picking up dry cleaning, taking the cat to the vet etc.

It all needs to come out – every single last thing!

And once you have done that – you need to put that list away for a bit – no longer than overnight, but you need to not look at it immediately.  Because if you do, your brain will immediately go straight back into overwhelm mode, which is what we are trying to avoid!

When you get that brain dump list out again, you need to attack it and go through it again, don’t over think it – just go through and mark each item as follows:

1 – Money Making Stuff

This is the stuff that keeps your business visible.

This is the stuff that keeps your business in front of your existing customers, and your potential customers.

This includes networking, creating social content, blog writing, keep in touch marketing, calling your clients, basically anything that keeps you and your business visible.

You need to mark these as number one tasks in your brain dump list.

2 – Routine Stuff

Then you go back through your list again, and you mark out the routine stuff.

This is the stuff that makes your business a business.

These are the grown-up jobs you need to do to keep your business on track and operating at its best potential –

raising your invoices, paying your suppliers, reconciling your bank accounts, processing your receipts and expenses.

You need to go through your brain dump list and mark all of those as a number 2 task before we go to the next step.

3 – Medium Term Plans & Stuff

Now it’s time to go back through that brain dump list for a third time.

This time what you’re looking for are your medium-term plans and goals.  The plans and goals that you know you could start cracking on with and getting stuff done if you just got a bit of accountability and focus.

I call these the low hanging fruit for your business.

Go through your list again and look for that stuff.  The stuff that – with just a little nudge in the right direction, with just a little bit of accountability and motivation, with just a little bit of dedicated focus – you could take from being another task on a piece of paper that never gets done,  into a real actual thing for your business.

Go through your brain dump list this third time, a mark all of those medium-term plans down as number threes.

4 – Big Picture Dreams & Stuff

Now we get down to the big stuff.

Now we get down to the global domination ambitions that you have for your business.

The big dreams!, the wild ambitions!, the stuff that makes you go hell yeah when you think about where you want your business to go.

The stuff that makes you excited for the future of your business and also a little bit scared too.

Those last items left on your brain dump list are your number four items – so mark them down.

Then what?  Well that’s where my Supercharge Your Productivity Pack comes in.  You see this is just one step in the 4 Step process of actually getting stuff done.  Changing your mind set from ‘things you must DO’ to ‘things I need to FOCUS on’ is just the beginning.

You need to put it all together.  And that is what my Supercharge Your Productivity pack helps you to do.

The pack includes a Daily Focus Planning pad, a Book of Brain, a Wall of Brain Planner and an e-Book that tells you how to pull all this together.

You begin by taking your Daily Focus Planner and putting those those #1 & #2 tasks onto it each day.

Stuff that is on your Wall of Brain will, eventually, move to your Book of Brain.

Then  you use your Book of Brain to begin to work out the focussed tasks you need to do to start moving that dream towards a goal, that goal towards a task, & that task onto your Daily Focus Planner.

That’s how you make progress.

That’s how you begin to achieve your dreams.  So go do it.


This Guest Blog is from Sheena Whyatt of Kapow, Your Super Business Coach.  You can find out more about Sheena on her website. 

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