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Effortless Tax Returns For A Stress-Free Tax Year

Streamline your tax returns with the support of a professional tax returns specialist

Ensure compliance and get the peace of mind you deserve
Optimise your tax returns to best serve your long-term goals
Get reminders and support to ensure no deadlines are missed

Transform your business admin with UK tax returns made easy

Minimise stress and maximise savings

We understand how overwhelming it can be to manage documents, track expenses, and stay compliant with tax regulations in the UK. That’s why our team of tax return specialists is here to handle all aspects of your tax return, ensuring accuracy, maximising deductions, and minimising the risk of penalties.

With us by your side, you can focus on what you do best while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your tax return is in capable hands. Experience a convenient, straightforward, and stress-free approach to your tax year.

Trust your taxes to serve you best

Make informed decisions and take control of your financial future — without the effort!

Luckily for you, our expertise goes beyond tax filing. With our experience as Certified Profit First Professional Accountants, we can analyse your situation to uncover opportunities to save money and put your profits first.

From deductions and tax credits to better cash flow management, we listen to your goals and ensure your taxes make sense for you.

Just some benefits of our tax returns service includes:

A UK accounting firm with a personalised touch

Our name in the industry speaks for itself.

“I have used DK accounting for a number of years for the return and compilation of my tax affairs relating to my examination work.
I cannot express the relief I have at knowing that my tax return intricacies are taken care of for me so painlessly.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend D&K accounting to anyone else.
Utterly professional and reliable.”

Bill Kaill


“With the help of Dan Edwards from D&K Accounting, I implemented Profit First just before the first Covid-19 lockdown here in the UK. Dan’s help and support, as well as the Profit First system helped get me through the impact of the downturn in business during this period, and grow stronger since.

For the first time in more than a decade of running my business, I actually feel in control of my business.

Dan has helped me change from burying my head in the sand thinking my tax liabilities might magically vanish to getting Dan to complete them at the earliest opportunity so that I can pay the tax and get a bonus payment for myself with the leftovers in my tax pot!”

Chris Vaughan


A process to help you get more from your tax returns

We help small and medium-sized businesses across the UK get ahead of their tax returns and on track with life

A couple looking at a laptop for a zoom call


We’ll arrange a quick chat about your current business goals and needs.

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Then we’ll determine if our Bookkeeping services are a good match for you.

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After this, we’ll recommend tailored package options and a plan for your next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do my tax return for me?

Absolutely, and we’ll help you submit it well in advance of the filing deadline so you can plan how to pay your tax bill in good time.

We work with our clients to get their accounts filed by the end of August each year, so you know how much tax you have to pay and can plan where the money is coming from in plenty of time.

Ready to hand over the reins of your tax returns?

Our UK accountants are ready to get to know your business.