The benefits of having a Will

‘I don’t like to feel out of step with my fellow man’ if you are an avid Downton watcher you will recognise these words from The Earl of Grantham. However, when it comes to planning for the future, I think we should all like to feel very much out of step with our fellow man (or woman).


With it being estimated that nearly 60% of the UK adult population do not have a valid Will in place meaning that they have no clearly recorded wishes of what they would like to happen when they die and who they would like to organise the dispersal of their estate. Whilst no one enjoys a conversation about their own mortality the most common feedback that we receive is that they feel immense peace of mind knowing that they have recorded their wishes and made the process as simple as possible for those left behind.


With Wills starting from £99 giving you this peace of mind doesn’t cost the earth either.


As the vast majority who will be reading this also own a business either as a sole trader or director of a company it also gives you the ability to nominate who you would like to deal with either winding up your business or carrying it on for the future. Should you pass away without a Will it may not be the person you hoped for.


Whilst it benefits everyone to have a Will in place for ease of process and to put safeguards in place there are a few people who benefit more than others:


  • Unmarried partners – if you are not married to your partner, they will only inherit any jointly owned assets (i.e. joint bank accounts) anything held in your sole name will pass as per the laws of intestacy which will never include your partner if you are not married.
  • Parents with children under 18 – without a Will should both parents pass away they will have no legal guardian and it will be up to the state to appoint someone.
  • Blended families – you may want to put in provision for your children from a previous relationship, this can be done simply without leaving your current spouse homeless and penniless.
  • Homeowners – you may be looking at ways to protect your home from care costs in the future and to ensure that the people you want to inherit your home.
  • Planning for Inheritance Tax – Wills can be structured in a number of different ways to help minimise your tax liabilities.


Do you want to feel out of step with your fellow man (or woman)?


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