Write Here, Right Now – Case Study

Write Here, Right Now is a content and copywriting agency that was set up in 2021 to help small business and start-ups get creative with their copy.

Gina Jackson is the founder, CEO and general dogsbody of WHRN. She loves being able to decide who to work with and when, but her favourite thing is seeing work that she or Craig have completed out “in the wild.”

When the business was first set up, Gina struggled to find an accountant that would take her on. As a sole trader, many accountants wondered why she needed an accountant rather than just using accountancy software or just an old-fashioned spreadsheet. As someone who admits their bad relationship with money, Gina knew the business needed someone to hold her accountable for the money and taxes etc. As a business, they wanted someone who was friendly and not a typical boring, stuffy accountant. After one phone call, Gina knew Dan was the person they needed.

Dan’s onboarding process was so simple and user-friendly and Gina knew that if she didn’t understand something, he was just a message away to help out. He set them up with a new QuickBooks account and made sure that she knew what she needed to ensure everything was set up correctly and it was all perfect for their business – from setting up accounts to helping them create standard invoices. It was simple, quick and great to have Dan on hand if Gina or Craig had a question.

Gina was aware that her credit control skills were not the best – and needed someone on hand to help with non-payment of invoices or late payment. Early in 2022, Dan was called upon to help with a difficult customer who was refusing to pay their invoice. Gina needed help getting payment, and after much to-ing and fro-ing with the client, it was affecting her mental health. Dan took it on and emailed the client to let them know that he was taking it over and to discuss it with him. With Dan helping, the client paid much quicker than the back and forth that Gina and Craig were involved in, and they were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Dan knew that Gina would need help with self-assessments and what to do when they eventually became a joint partnership and then a limited company. He’s been a fountain of knowledge, meaning that Gina don’t have to do a load of research to discover what she has to do along each step of the way of the business growing. He’s already asked and helped her with the information for their Self-Assessments and both Craig and Gina appreciate it when he gives his time for yet more questions.

Dan and his firm d&k accountancy are the perfect match for smaller businesses and sole traders. He really looks after you, and your accounts to let us get on with our client work.

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